ELEGANT WOOD is a Japanese manufacturer of designed interior panels used in commercial facilities, hotels, and more. Our process blends technology with tradition. First our CNC machines shave the panels’ surfaces to create the finalized design in three dimensions. Then the panels are painted and attached by hand.

Our strength is that we can produce original panels customized for the space that a designer envisions. During the planning stage of the project, We suggests the most suitable panels to fit the design of the space. Our process is totally different from mass production using molds. We accept orders for small lots as well.



Most of the ELEGANTWOOD panels are produced using a “SHAVING” process by CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. This process allows us to make rich expressions on the surface of the panels. For example, shaving with a CNC machines enables us to portray various shapes and designs, such as 3D modeling of a complex relief sculpture, or a design which reflects traditional Japanese woodworking.The details allow for beautiful shades of light and shadow, which are made using the effects of lighting. The biggest feature of this “shaving” process is that it makes possible the birth of specifically designed panels which have been conceived by the designers. This method of manufacturing is totally different from production using molds; therefore we can produce specially designed panels with a small production lot. The materials which can be “shaved” are incombustible panels, MDF, solid wood, acrylic, etc. We can manipulate the expression according to the character of the material. If you can send us data from Auto CAD, Vectorworks (or any other software using .dxf extension files), or Illustrator files, we can show you the visual image with 3D-CG simulation before the actual production starts.


Our “PAINTING” process gives specially designed panels more colorful and varied expressions.This is quite different from putting the color on by printing. “Painting” is not putting only a single color on. It can allow for an artistic painting style with light luster or natural uneven touch, and also the nuances of pearl and metallic. The “painting” gives the panels the impression that new life has just been breathed into them.


“ATTACHING” some materials to the three-dimensional surface which has been shaved by CNC machines makes it bring out its impressive quality and presence. We can make myriad presentations on the surface of the panels by using various materials, such as sliced veneers of white oak, walnut, Japanese wood like sugi (Japanese cedar) and hinoki (Japanese cypress), cloth or fabric made of Japanese silk, and so on.


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We offer a wide range of panels. Each design is born of a collaboration with designers.
Our varieties include :

Arrhythmic patterns covering the entire wall.

Dynamic effects like painted brush strokes.

Three-dimensional designs using the characteristics of wood grains.

Surfaces reflecting traditional Japanese woodworking techniques.

Art panels, as are often hung on hotel walls.

ELEGANT WOOD has worked on numerous projects and has been very successful in Japan.
Our next step is to propagate our techniques throughout the world.
We will continue to offer valuable craftsmanship to turn designers’ visions into reality.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

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